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RGB, 2023


RGBI, 2023

Raketenstation, Insel Hombroich
Fotos ©Rainer Schlautmann

In her light installations plays Yoana Tuzharova with the boundaries and perceptions of color and space. While her works inevitably make direct reference to their surroundings due to their auratic presence, Tuzharova shows a sensitive, albeit bold, approach to the concrete architecture of the exhibition space in her site-specific works. While on the one hand it responds to static elements that form the space, it also refers with great sensitivity to wandering, naturally changing cones of light and their interventions in the architecture. At times she manages to create direct connections between the inside and the outside of the place. ​ Tuzharova's superimposition of surfaces in the picture cites a sculptural approach, while the monochromatic color surfaces of her installations retain a painterly character.

The shapes are usually not at right angles; they seem to move in space, not least because of their bright lighting - almost merging and flowing into one another. This approach promotes the expansion of her works into space (Erick Franz catalog "Yoana Tuzharova, häng' das auf und richte es aus" p.13), as it is not only the light elements that reveal the auratic character of her installations and rich, allow surreal and dreamlike experiences. In her works, surfaces become their own, luminous spaces through color and light

Maren Klinkhamer, Stiftung Insel Hombroich

Fotos ©Rainer Schlautmann

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