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patt, 2019


Performance Ansicht von oben
Montepulciano, Italien

Concept, choreography and performance: Yoana Tuzharova

Site-specific performance in public space, 16 players/performers, drum, 1 musician

Piazza Grande, Montepulciano, Italy 2019 ​


The Performance defines Piazza Grande in Montepulciano as a playing field. The following aspects are discussed in the work: ​

- To define Piazza Grande as a playing field

- The potential of the place lies in its positioning (between power institutions / figures: religion, Politics, economics, etc.) can be understood as a playing field

- To understand what is happening in the place as a game

- Reflection on everything from everyday conflicts to state and religious conflicts

- Addressing the dynamics of the game also in relation to social processes


Rules of the game: ​

- Each character is only allowed to move repetitively in one lane.

- Type of trains: diagonal, straight, L-shaped.

- Each character plays independently.

- Conflict situations arise during encounters. This is solved differently depending on which game characters meet.

- After an encounter, the direction of play (direction of movement) changes. ​ Possible type of encounters:


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