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häng' das auf und richte es aus, 2019


Licht, Holz, Dispersionsfarbe, elektrische Verdrahtung
Kunstverein Grafschaft Bentheim

Häng das auf und richte es aus.

A white wall blocks access to the exhibition room of the Neuenhaus Art Association. Only a window-like opening, rectangular and framed like a painting, provides insight into a colorful world of light. The view meets different rectangles, portrait and landscape format, in rather dark tones - bluish and black areas, also a rich orange-red, and various pink and violet shades that glide over the surfaces. The framed opening determines the viewer's location. From here the view is directed into the inaccessible space, which is filled with shimmering surfaces of light. Why does Yoana Tuzharova refuse to physically enter? Why does she only allow the gaze to enter? Free movement is restricted - and this enables a special viewing experience. You look into the room like you look at a picture, from a fixed position - in front of the viewing field. The artist creates a place of silence for deepening vision, a place of contemplation and wonder. As a viewer, I approach the colored “picture,” which is surrounded by a white frame, and recognize a structure of colored parts within it. Gradually it deepens into a room. I see an ensemble of colored shapes that is only there for viewing. I look at different depths and at different surfaces that consist of different color values. Each appears like muted light, shimmering dimly. I direct my gaze to the sides to the left and right, also up and down. More colored games follow everywhere. I can't find a conclusion anywhere. But I also don't recognize any spatial shell, no hall or interior space that would contain and enclose the floating colored surfaces.

Text: Erich Franz

Excerpt from the catalog text


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